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My Expertise

Pilates concept

Pilates is a great way of achieving all-round fitness and wellbeing. We work on posture, strength, and flexibility at the same time.  Core training is the base of it all, but with a very specific breathing technique, which will activate your deep/core muscles. Pilates can help you achieve several fitness goals in one!

Personal training / Private coaching

It is much easier to exercise when you have another person to motivate you. I offer professional tailormade personal training services to help you achieve your goals, learn about health, fitness, and your body. I adapt to your schedule, your abilities, and so making it a great experience every time.


It is possible to lose weight quickly by integrating a new method of working with intervals. It reduces the time spent exercising and increases the results by burning more calories all day long, even when you are sleeping.


Nutrition is particularly important. A good nutrition plan helps reduce the risk of some diseases, including heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, some forms of cancer and osteoporosis. It helps reduce high blood pressure, lower high cholesterol, and improves wellbeing and the ability to fight off and to recover from illness or injury.

Coach fitness privé à Nyon
My Approach
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