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Private sports coaching

I customise my personal training services to suit each and everyone. No two sessions are ever the same!


Not only will you benefit from an infinite range of varied exercises, but you will also have total freedom, because I adapt to your schedule rather than the other way round.

For example, I can either give you a class in the comfort of your home or in my studio in Vich (between Gland and Nyon).

Femmes, formation, dehors

I offer a wide and efficient range of activities, which can be used to reach several goals quickly, including boosting energy, endurance, and flexibility. Your posture can be improved, and any postural deviations straightened out, through a strengthening of the back and knee muscles.


I will keep you in shape through various customised exercises, drawn from interval training, weight training, Pilates, aerobics, yoga, kickboxing, etc.


If you wish to work on specific parts of the body, slim down or regain weakened muscles from childbirth for instance, my coaching is also for you. 


It is also suitable for men or women who want to prepare their bodies before practising certain sports, like golf, tennis, or skiing. Whether you want to shine on the green or be admired for your silhouette, I can achieve that for you with private fitness classes.


Accelerated weight loss

If you specifically want to achieve weight loss, I have created a programme using new and proven techniques. This programme consists of alternating cardio intensities and strength training. It is an ideal method to accompany a nutritional diet for quick results.

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